X-touch track order

I just picked up a Behringer X-touch universal and an X-touch expansion control surface. I have them set up on my desk with the Expansion on the left and the main X-touch on my right. Each unit has 8 tracks so 16 total tracks.

I set up the hardware in a Cubase 10.5 by going to Studio Setup and choosing the Mackie option and then choosing “X-touch In”.

All good it works. However the setup defaults to making tracks 1-8 on the main X-touch unit which is on my right side. And tracks 9-16 on the expansion which is on my left side. I would prefer it if I could set it up so that tracks 1-8 were on the expansion unit which is situated to my left. Therefore all the tracks would flow left to right across the two units across my desk.

The quick fix would be to simply swap the the two pieces of hardware on my desk but I am right handed and I want the main unit with the jog wheel by my right hand.

How do I tell the hardware that I want tracks 1-8 in the expansion module and tracks 9-16 on the main unit.


Delete both midi-controls. Close studio-preferences. Add new mc-controllers: first the right one (9-16), second the left one (1-8)