x64 control surface w/ real faders & no audio I/O???

I’m wondering what is available under $500US. The Behringers look interesting especially if I could use them alongside something similar to FaderPort. The issue, which I really thought manufacturers would have sussed out by now is x64 comparability.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


*Windows 7 was released two years ago last week, two years and so many companies still appear to be in the dark about how to write drivers for x64 comparability. The early adoption phase is over. It boggles the mind.

Does the icon Qcon not work in 64bit? That’s roughly your budget.

Class-compliant with Windows XP, Vista (32-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit & 64-bit), and Mac OS X (IntelMac)

Can’t find a price for the Qcon anywhere. Looks solid and almost handmade, not like a mass produced plastic toy. Hard to believe it’s under $500.

In Europe you can get one for approx €500 (incl. VAT). That’s around $550 (excl. VAT).

I get $707.32.

At that price point I would rather go with the Mackie but much of what I’ve read about the MCU is that it doesn’t work via USB in x64 Cubase 6.

you could buy my Houston, works great with cubase x64 via an M-Audio midisport 2x2 on windows 7 x64 :smiley:

best controller still for Cubase/Nuendo use IMHO and i have the Euphonix.

PM me for details


I would like to stick with a USB solution as opposed to going through a MIDI interface unless I am mistaken about the difference in resolution.

USB control surfaces also use MIDI I think. It’s just that when they use Mackie HUI, they use midi only as carrier, not the protocol itself which allows for higher res. Or that’s how I understood it anyway.

Does using the Mackie template with a nonMackie controller via a MIDI interface incorporate the higher resolution or is it only via USB that the higher resolution is achieved.

it makes no difference to the resolution using USB or MIDI,as the USB uses the same midi protocol just via usb midi.


Thanks, Norbury.

What about TouchOsc, so far it’s the best controller I’ve ever owned and completely user configurable (with some work).

Hi there !

Have a look at there https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=81&t=1127

I settled for a Contour Design ShuttlePro2 and two BCF2000s. Pedestrian, I know, but it’s track record seems solid and there are workarounds for the lack of touch sensitivity.

Programmed the ShuttlePro last night and it works brilliantly. Hopefully the BCF2000 will be as straightforward to program and work equally well.

Thanks for the input.


Hi !

If you use the BCF 2000 with Cubase or nuendo, there is nothing to program. The device can emulate a Mackie Controller and it works brilliantly this way (just use the emulated LCD scribble strip, otherwise it wil get very difficult to know what you are doing).

If you want to use two BCF 2000 (one will be used as a MCU extender), just remember to declare two different device IDs for each BCF (the main one is usually ID1 and the extender is ID2). You’ll also have to open two instances of the emulated LCD).

If you want, I have some goodies here that I did a long time ago when I used the BCF 2000 (I no longer have it), especially a modified version of the emulated LCD.

http://simulason2.free.fr it is in French, but you should manage to translate it via Google translation (it is not that good but enough to give an idea of the contents).


Is this a software which receives Cubases MCU sysex like channel names etc?

If so, would I be able to intercept the MIDI data via a MIDI loopback driver to examine what cubase sends?

I ask, because I want to develop a TouchOSC interface which displays the current selected channel name… and I can’t find any documentation which remote control device in cubase sends what data to that device to have it display the channel name…

Here is another post regarding this issue you might be interested in: http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=91&t=8303

yes, thanks, I already asked that question there back in the time…

I got an MCU, plugged it in and it worked just fine with C6…