X99 desktop to i7 8750h laptop performance

Hi…I’d like to consolidate my mobile and desktop setup to just a single laptop. I hate transferring sessions from desktop to laptop and back again.
my current desktop computer is an 8 core x99 rig that’s a few years old. Got it oc’d to 4ghz
Generally runs pretty well. I’m thinking about one of a few windows 15" gaming PCs that have recently come out with an i7 8750h (6 core). They are light and pretty powerful. Fewer cores and slower clock speed than my desktop system I know . I would also get a thunderbolt uad satellite to replace my 2 internal uad cards. Does anyone know how that would compare to my desktop in terms of performance? I’ve looked around online and can’t seem to find much about real world daw applications for these laptops with cubase/nuendo. Thanks, in advance, for any info.