Xbox controller interfering with panning? [Solved]

Hi forum,

I’m using an Xbox One controller in Cubase 9.5 with a program controlling keystrokes (reWASD) so I don’t have to awkwardly reach for my keyboard and mouse from my 88-key piano on the right of my desk. I’m using the A button as the left mouse button and the left stick to control mouse movement. When I’m working in the key editor, I’ll be playing the audio and selecting notes as it plays, but if I hold the A button on the controller while moving the left stick, it interferes with the track panning. Usually I’m working in an instrument track while audio is on another track. I have no idea why the pan is being affected by the controller, I can’d find anything in keyboard shortcuts.

ALRIGHT. While I was typing this post I thought I’d look in preferences, couldn’t find anything. But then I went to Studio>Studio Setup. Under Remote Devices I found Controller (Xbox One Controller for Windows) and I found the “Do not use this Joystick” checkbox. I checked it.

Problem solved.

I was thinking of just not posting but it’s possible someone in the future might come across this post via search and solve their problem faster than they otherwise would.