Xfer Lfo Tool

Hi, i have just installed Xfer Lfo Tool in C6.5 but it does not show up as a midi insert anyone here using this plugin appreciate any help thanks…

I use it as an insert only. It can be triggered by midi I believe. But I don’t use it that way.

ie effect virtual instruments as opposed to an audio track…

Hi, just saw your post, do you insert on an audio track

i’m not too impressed with this software quite limited really! you win some you lose some!

Why do you find it limited?

Insert it into an insert slot (not midi insert) and use the onboard effects (filter,volume,ect…) or use it to send midi cc to your vsti.

Hi, i bought this plugin to use on soft synths ie Razor etc before turning it audio! Steve Duda sent me a screenshot of cubase 5 inspector with an insert channel as well as the midi insert channel but for the life of me i cannot find how to show this in cubase 6.5! I know how to control it on an audio file but that’s not what i want it to do see enclosed screenshot thanks

Once you’ve inserted it as an insert, go to you vst channel and set the lfo tool as the midi input.