xkeys & Cubase 10

I have used an Xkeys 24 with great success in Cubase 9/9.5 (and Ableton Live).

I upgraded to Cubase 10 and Xkeys doesn’t work. I programmed legends specifically for use in Cubase 10 (instead of using and as well as using ), and they either don’t work at all or they are mismapped by Cubase to something entirely random. For example, Alt+I to open the Left Zone instead activates Punch In (supposedly Alt+Click).

Does anyone else have an issue like this? I could revert back to using 9.5, but I paid for the upgrade and several of the new features are fantastic (e.g., new side chaining).

xkeys just sends keystrokes, right? Are the key command keystrokes in C10 different than C9.5?

it can do keystrokes or more complex macros with mouse positioning and text. I’m using keystrokes only for Cubase though. I have sort of solved the issues, I think so I will just document what I did in case that it might help others.

I switched to hardware mode on the xkeys and that got some keystroke commands to work. Not a perfect solution for me because I want to use the xkeys across different applications (mainly Ableton) and hardware mode locks you into a single set of commands for each key.

I then tried software mode again and separated the downstrokes from the upstrokes in the programming. This is a feature offered in the Xkey software for functions where holding the key is important, but it also effectively controls the sequence of up and downstrokes so that the application doesn’t get confused and I thought that this might be part of the issue. After programming, I rebooted the computer and unplugged the xkeys and plugged it in again. after relaunching C10, the keystrokes work! So there seems to be something different about how C10 responds to key stroke inputs than C9.5. or there’s something wonky about how the Xkeys software interfaces with C10 versus C9.5.

anyway, it seems to work now.

That’s great.