Xkeys Joystick Surround Panner

I have been trying to get Xkeys joystick to control Surround Panner in Nuendo 5.5 with no luck.

I searched the forum and found a thread that suggests to activate the “fire” button. But no information on how can I program the “fire” button…

Thank you for your help!



you first have to define one of the (x-)keys as “fire-button”. This has to be done within the x-keys-software.

Then - in Nuendo - you have to setup the xkeys-joystick as surround-controller in device menu.

After this press and hold the fire-button on your xkeys and you can control via joystick.

Thanks Domilik!
But how do you actually program it step by step.Do you use Macroworks to do it…


Sorry, I do not have the software installed at the moment, so I cannot give you a step by step instruction. I programmed it once and never changed this.
But I remember this as very simple. You can define whether a key shall work as a keystroke or whether it should work as fire-button. My unit is already a few years old, I think i used “Macrorecorder”.

I contacted tech support at Xkeys and they said I can only program it in Win XP…
Thank you Domilik for your support!