XLN Audio XO with integration into MediaBay?

Definitely simpler than XLN XO, in fact for me, I wouldn’t even care to have any beat making/sequencing/musical features and instead solely just be an extension of MediaBay that assists in searching, organizing, and inserting into project or VSTi such as Groove Agent or Halion.


there could be two parts… A simple MediaBay extension with no musical features, and then a separate VSTi which is essentially the same thing but with added musical/sequencing features. And this way, a user could start with the MediaBay Extension and then ‘Create Instrument’ which would create an Instrument Track, with the VSTi version inserted and the chosen samples auto-mapped in some smart fashion.

The MediaBay Extension, would simply act as sort of a shopping cart for samples, loops, etc. You would drag all the samples you come across into a “cart” where you could continue to audition them while you browser the other samples in god-view, plucking them out as you find what you like.

Having the MediaBay filter attributes available to whittle down sections of what the Smart Browser is sorting out.

separate feature request
I’d like to see a new built in MediaBay attribute as well, a ‘counter’ that counts how many times a user has dragged/inserted something into a project, and even better, keep a project history in a .xml so a user can see when and in which projects they’ve already used something. This would display when mouse-hovering over the counter attribute column on any particular file.

I would like a buffer for random kits where you create random kits and keep maybe 10 of them in memory so you can try a new random kit without losing the previous one. That is what I miss in Atlas.

They can do this with Groove Agent SE which is pretty good, a built in sequencer would be brilliant. You can then drag samples from the media bay. Wishful thinking but I don’t expect much, Atlas 2.0 coming out soon with a build in sequencer and few other cool features I hear.

The Space view in XO is very interesting. Would love to have that for the media bay!!

It’s pretty looking but unfortunately, not that useful in practice imho.

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The space view is the best part of XO. It is great for creativity, specialy for electronic music. There are many interesting samples found on our drives we don’t use and forget. Many times we need different from kick, snare, hat samples. Better to click in the area than searching by switching multiple folders.
The similarity feature improves the workflow when searching for the right oneshot.
You need to try it :slight_smile: I can’t use standard sample browsers any more after trying XO…