XLR Cable stuck

Got me a brand new UR28M and I am very happy with the sound and operation.

One problem though. The Microphone cable I use to connect my AT2020, male XLR, gets stuck into the Mic input. This is very annoying. Apparently the XLR cable has a small safety hole on the top that locks into the connection somehow. The only way to fix this and release the cable it was using a small flat screwdriver to push down into the hole something that I cannot even see inside the connection. I have been searching for cables without such a “safety hole” without success so far. The cable I have got is a snake cable I got from Thomann with the UR28 but other cables I have found in local retailer are he same.

Did anyone have the same problem ? Am I missing something ? Is there a way that I don’t know to release the cable ? What else should I do ? I am concerned in using the cable again , afraid I could break something !

Thanks a lot