XLR Mic thru HDSPe not Working

I’ve got a new XLR mic I want to use in Cubase but I can’t get it to work correctly. Could really use help!

Here’s my setup:

  • Win 10 PC
  • XLR mic (Neewer NW-700) going into
  • Phantom Power Supply (Neewer 1-Channel 48V) going into
  • Balanced analog breakout cable (for HDSP 9632/HDSPe AIO), specifically into one of the XLRF cables, going into
  • HDSPe AIO audio interface


  • In Device Manager - I would expect the AES(1+2) to be my recording device, but there’s no indication at all of any recording input
  • In RME TotalMix FX, I see a signal on Analog 2, and when volume is 100%, I can hear the mic faintly in my speakers (Analog? I thought AES was digital? Why is the volume so low? why is it playing in my speakers?)
  • I can’t get it as a recording device at all (tried in 4 difft apps), including Cubase (my goal)

What should I test / do next?


Get a preamp you say?
With phantom power you say?

Well then let’s do it! :smiley: