XML 4.0 import

Finale is now able to export with the XML 4.0 Format.
Importing such a file in Dorico leads to several errors and not recognised elements.
But looking at the imported file in Dorico I do not see any difference with the same file in XML 3.1 format.

Is it safe to import a XML 4.0 file or are there under the hood not visible things and should one better use a XML 3.1 file?

Are you saying that Dorico flags errors in an alert, but the imported file actually looks fine?

XML 4.0 was released only a month or two ago, and Dorico 3.5 was released about a year ago. Dorico just doesn’t know about whatever 4.0 contains.

It may be possible for Dorico to correctly parse a particular 4.0 file, but I’d say you’re much safer with 3.1. You can set the XML level in Finale’s XML Preferences.

I loaded a random Finale file and was still able to export an XML from Finale 26, so installing Finale 27 didn’t seem to break XML export for v. 26, for me, at least. I also loaded the same file into Finale 27 and used it to export an XML, which I’m assuming is using XML 4, and it imported without problems into Dorico. The main difference I noticed between the two imports was that XML 4 exported Finale’s tr ‘articulation’, which the older version ignored.

One can set Finale 27 to export older XML formats, but so far I have not been able to get Dorico to import any XML 4.0 files.

I anticipate that somewhere down the line Dorico will support the XML 4 protocol, so I do not worry too much about this for now.

Interesting. I only tried an XML 4.0 import into Dorico with one file and it worked, although it wasn’t a terribly complex piece. Do you get an error message, or nothing at all?

You will certainly get a warning if the MusicXML file you open happens to use any of the new features in MusicXML 4.0, because the XML schemas (which define the capabilities of MusicXML) that are included with Dorico 3.5 are for MusicXML 3.1, not MusicXML 4.0. But MusicXML is designed to be backwards-compatible, so provided the file you open doesn’t use any 4.0-specific features, it will open just fine in Dorico 3.5.

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And I take back what I wrote above. I just checked and Finale 27 was set to export XML 3.1, not 4.0, so I actually haven’t tried it yet.

One of the XML 4.0 features is to export all linked parts. If I use XML to transfer a Finale piece to Dorico, I likely will want Dorico to manage the part layouts anyway. At this point I am exporting all my old Finale files to XML 4 and PDF in case I need to retrieve or transfer them down the road, at very least so I can move older Finale files to the SMuFL format.

Thanks for all the answers.

What I exactly did ist:

  1. Open an old Finale file in Finale 27 and convert it to XML 4 and to XML 3.1
  2. Open both file in Dorico 3.5
  3. As I wrote I get some errors opening the XML 4 file but Dorico can open it and it looks almost the same as the XML 3.1 one.
    The only difference is that the full track names are not recognized from the XML 4 file.
    Otherwise everything is identical in the full score as well as in the parts.

These are the errors, there are several of each type at different position of the file:

ERROR - Element ‘part-link’: This element is not expected. Expected is one of ( identification, part-name ).

ERROR - Element ‘swing’: This element is not expected. Expected is one of ( midi-device, midi-instrument, play, offset ).

ERROR - Element ‘direction’, attribute ‘system’: The attribute ‘system’ is not allowed.

ERROR - Element ‘bass’, attribute ‘arrangement’: The attribute ‘arrangement’ is not allowed.

ERROR - Element ‘measure-numbering’, attribute ‘multiple-rest-always’: The attribute ‘multiple-rest-always’ is not allowed.

I think I will further work with XML 3.1

BTW I am not trying to create a new document in Dorico from a XML file as it is too convoluted to get all things right.
I simply open the XML file and a new file in Dorico and I copy each track manually from the XML file to the new Dorico file

Have there been any hints about Dorico 4 improving the XML imports and exports?

There has been no announcement that XML 4.0 will be part of the Dorico 4 upgrade, but certainly one can hope to see it included.

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Daniel has mentioned many times that this is an area they want to address. I haven’t seen any hints, however, as to whether or not those issues will be addressed with the initial release of d4. On the positive side, he has intimated a more regular release schedule with “dot” updates will resume, which could mean that even if it’s not part of 4.0, improvements might show up in 4.1 or 4.5 etc.

No, we have not made any significant changes either to MusicXML import or export in our current development cycle. There are some minor changes, a couple of extra things supported, but nothing significant.

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Michael Good announced the Dolet 8 plug-in for Sibelius (beta at the moment), which will be able to export MusicXML 4.0 files out of Sibelius. Would be great, if it won’t take to long, unitl Dorico will be able to import MusicXML 4.0 files!