XML and fonts

I have just imported a voice and piano piece from Sibelius and the lyrics are all in bold. I can’t find any way of removing this, short of stripping the lyrics out and retyping. Can anyone help, please? (I have searched the forum, to no avail.)


What OS version are you using? Is it all documents, or just this one?

The Font Style setting has no effect?

I have just changed to macOS 10.14 beta (from 10.13).

I rarely import from XML, so I can’t say if it is just this one — but I don’t recall it happening before.

There have been reports of issues with font styles in some beta builds. As with all beta problems, you should report it to Apple.

I cant see how to apply a font style to existing text. I can see the italic box in Lyric properties…

I suppose it could be a beta problem. I just wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing something obvious!

Thanks for your help.

Engrave mode > Engrave menu > Font Styles > Lyric Font.

When running a beta, all problems are beta problems. :smiley:

First, select some lyrics and check that there’s nothing unexpected going on in the properties panel.

Then go into Engrave mode and go Engrave > Font Styles…
Check that nothing is awry here, and fix it if you need to.

Engrave mode > Engrave menu > Font Styles > Lyric Font doesn’t work.

I will report the problem.

Thanks again.

That looks like Palatino to me, not Academico. (And in the cresc.)

It is, Ben - I set it back to defaults for the purposes of showing off the dialog, but I didn’t actually hit Enter to apply it!

There are quite a number of problems with running Dorico on macOS 10.14 Mojave, and I would strongly discourage users from updating to Mojave. An update to Dorico will be required to provide full compatibility, but we cannot currently say when that update will come, as we are waiting on some changes in the underlying Qt framework that Dorico is built upon. This year’s macOS update is one of the most disruptive for some time for independent software vendors, with big changes in font rendering and the security model, not to mention the introduction of the Dark Aqua theme.

Thanks, Daniel. I am reverting to macOS 10.13

This will be a very important for all Mac users to know. I suppose you will warn them in time.


Developers (and indeed beta testers) are not allowed to publicly discuss matters relating to Apple’s pre-release beta software. (It’s in the licence agreement that everyone clicked through without reading. :smiley: )

As Apple may continue to make changes right up to the release date, no one can really say anything with any certainty anyway.

It’s certainly not official Steinberg-endorsed advice at this stage, but I don’t expect things to change substantially between now and Mojave’s release in the areas in which these problems exist.

Users should not be in a hurry to leap onto new operating systems the day they come out if they are reliant on software by any vendor other than the operating system vendor, and that’s just as true on Windows as it is on macOS.

You cannot assume that every independent software vendor will have been able to solve every potential compatibility issue by the time the new operating system is available, particularly since the time frame in which ISVs get to test their products against the new OS – on top of actually servicing the needs of their existing platforms and customers – is very limited. And the changes an OS vendor can make are, from the point of view of an ISV, effectively arbitrary and potentially exceptionally damaging to existing products. Apple didn’t, for example, provide any guidance about the security changes or the font rendering changes that are part of Mojave until WWDC this year, when the first beta version was available. With Mojave expected to be released pretty soon, that gives vendors a maximum of three to four months to figure out what’s been changed, make and test changes, etc. And those changes could be massive, and/or, as in our case, rely on other products produced by other ISVs who are having to do the same thing, on the same schedule.

In short: when Mojave comes out and Dorico and other applications don’t fully support it on day one, please try to be understanding of some of the reasons why, and don’t start decrying Steinberg and other vendors for “not being ready”.