Xml and midi out do not match audio out when there are tempo and time changes

Hi Dorico,
I have a project where the time signature changes a lot. The audio out is great. I wanted to use Logic and some other samples so I output the audio as well as midi and xml. This is because when I tried to import xml into Logic, it said “Do you want to import tempo changes” and whether I said yes or no, Logic crashed. I managed to get the xml in there, but the timing was not the same as the audio, I think when there was a tempo change. I tried midi, but same thing happened. I do not have a crash file, because there was no crash. Ultimately, I am going to try Kontakt in Dorico again and see if that will work, but thought you might have thoughts.
Also, I have notes underneath slashes, and when it writes out the midi or xml it does not write out notes hidden by slashes. That could be an option. When I went to remove all slashes, the only way I know of is to roll them back with the handle. Is there an easy way to select the slashes and turn them back into notes? If you delete them, you lose all your underneath notes.
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MusicXML as exported from Dorico does indeed not capture the nuances of a live MIDI performance: it is technically possible to include this kind of performance information in MusicXML but so far as I know applications like Logic don’t actually import it, so you are certainly better off using MIDI rather than MusicXML if possible.

You should probably report the crash importing the MIDI file to the Logic team at Apple. If you can’t find a way to do that, you can send me the MIDI file that crashes Logic and I can pass it on to the people I know there.

You should be able to remove your slash regions by selecting the whole flow, filtering for slash regions, and then hitting Delete.

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Hi Daniel,
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Turns out the xml import crash in logic is specific to the MacBook Pro, works in my older machine. Also, it isn’t a subtle thing where xml and midi are time shifted versus the audio that sounds correct.
If you have a project that does a ritard from one tempo to another, this was done in as strange way and then the audio and midi/xml we’re out of sync from that point on. Both midi and xml had identical timing while audio was different. I could not, therefore, use some audio from Dorico and maybe one or two instruments based on midi in logic. It is all or nothing which is a lot of instruments for a symphony. See what I mean?

I can try to elaborate on other things that might have caused it by, for example, removing the ritard when I get a chance.

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