.xml and .musicxml from Finale - almost all notes lost

Yikes! Not a pretty sight…

I’ll have to re-do the entire piece again, probably. Yes, I’m still working on the French artsongs I was futzing with last autumn, and I want to import them all into Dorico.

I expect it’s something on my end, because many others, I know, are having excellent results with XML files. I have attached the .xml in question. Many thanks, all!
Scènes & Melodies pour piano et chant (Martial Caillebotte) Sérénade.xml.zip (24.5 KB)

I understand your being deceived. The result is unusable in Dorico… I find Sibelius can read it quite fine, but displays a message — it seems like the XML format is old, I don’t know if that could explain the result in Dorico. FWIW, if you want, I can create you a XML file from a pdf with Photoscore, and the XML files import very well in Dorico. Just send me the pdf :wink:

Thanks for attaching this file, Jeff. We’ll look into it and come back to you.

Dear Jeff,

I looked into it in detail, and I think there was a faulty triplet at the beginning of the score. Once this has been corrected, here is the dorico file from the uncompressed XML (I also corrected some french mistakes :wink: )
Hope it helps !
Caillebotte – Sérénade.dorico.zip (451 KB)