XML Chord Symbol Import Strangeness

Music in Sib 2018.5:

I exported it to MusicXML.

Imported into Dorico:

How can I tell Dorico to use C7(b9) instead of C7(addb9)? I couldn’t find anything in Engraving Options that would do it.

Also, is there a global way to search and replace chord symbol text?


You can simply edit that chord symbol by double-clicking it and enter “C7b9” to get the result you want. You can’t, unfortunately, do this for multiple chord symbols at once, so you’ll need to edit each of them in turn (though at least you only have to do it for one instrument, since they’re attached to the system rather than to individual instruments).

Thanks, Daniel.

And thank you so much for the wonderful chord symbol handling in Dorico!