XML Dorico to Logic / ritardandi and accelerandi

I try to make a click track in Logic of my Dorico scores so that I can record the musicians according to the score. There are a lot of time signature changes etc. - so there is no w ay to input everything manually into Logic.

When I choose XML from Dorico to Logic all my ritardandi and accelerandi are not transferred. At the spots where I have gradual tempo changes in Dorico, Logic creates Tempo-Jumps.
I guess it’s a problem within Logic but has anybody a workaround for that?

I wonder whether exporting a MIDI file from your Dorico project and then importing that as a tempo track in Logic might be possible?

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Daniel, that works perfectly !! Thanx so much.
Could you explain me why please?
And what do I have to do if I’d like to have the ritardanod/accelerando-info of the midi-export/import but the dynamic/articulation info of a XML export/import?
In my experience dynamics/articulations are not exported with a midi file - or am I wrong?

That’s quite simple:

XML only deals with optical score information. Each musical item you see on the virtual paper - be it a note, a rest, a dynamic symbol, the beaming of 8th notes, or a tempo marking - will be exported as an XML-token, and when importing those tokens will be interpreted by the importing software.

How any music application internally represents these items is completely up to each application. This - as you encountered for yourself - is especially true for musical symbols that are open for interpretation, like a gradual tempo change. Internally, Dorico might change the tempo slightly on each beat during the duration of the ritardando, but there is no way to convey that to the XML token, which only states something like <tempotext: rit.>.

Logic may then apply its own interpretation which might apply a small change only every other beat, or - obviously - only one change at all.

Another aspect that will be lost in XML is every detail in timing: wen you apply some randomization to the played duration in the key editor that will not be part of the XML file, logic will put the notes hard-quantized to the written positions.

In short:

If you want to transfer how it looks use XML, you generally do that when exporting from Logic to Dorico to do a professional score for a mockup that you created in Logic.

If you want to transfer how it sounds use midi, you generally do that when exporting from Dorico To Logic to do a better sounding mockup from a score that you created in Dorico.

There is no easy way to do transfering between DAW and scoring app back and forth without losing either score details or playing realism each time.


Wow…thank you so much ! I was looking for this kind of info for quite some time. I asked some friends: ‘Midi or XML’ and all of them said ‘XML’ - but no one could explain why.
Thanx for taking the time and the fantastic explanation :+1:t2:

Extending this question, when importing the midi file from Dorico, I’ve read that the Controller information at the beginning of the Event List should be deleted. Is there anything else that should be removed from the Event List?