XML Export does not work as expected

If I export to xml only the last 16 bars get exported.
What is wrong with this project?
Feuerwerksmusik Viola.dorico.zip (616 KB)
It must be the last flow which gets exported only…
How to export a project that all flows are incorporated?
Of course I could have copied all movements into one flow in the first place - as in Sibelius

The first flow (probably technically the first flow created, rather than the first flow in the list of flows, if you have re-ordered flows after creating them) is the only one that is exported at the moment. You could do File > Save As to save a copy of your Dorico project, delete all flows except the one you want to export, then export MusicXML.

We know this is not ideal and we will make some improvements in this area soon.

On my system only the flow appearing rightmost in the flow pane gets exported, regardless in which order they were created. (so I just rearrange them to have everything exported)

Daniel, thank you for your reply. It is actually (definitely) the last flow I created which gets exported only.