Xml export on ipad

I want to export xml on iPad uncompressed.
This is what the manual says:

“The project is exported as an uncompressed MusicXML file to the selected application or location. Uncompressed MusicXML files are saved as .mxl files.”

I think uncompressed files get the suffix “xml” instead of “mxl” ??

If I try to export, I only get mxl files. Is this a bug?

Best wishes, Chris

In fact Dorico for iPad only exports compressed MusicXML files, which do indeed have the file extension .mxl. We’ll fix up the error in the documentation in future.

Thanks Daniel!
It also would be nice to have the possibility to export as uncompressed xml in the future:-)
Kind regards!

Are you working with an application that doesn’t support compressed MusicXML? If so, you can change the file extension of a compressed .mxl file to .zip and then uncompress it in the usual way. You’ll find an uncompressed MusicXML file lurking inside that you can pull out and send to the target application.

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That does the trick! Thank You very much!

Yes, apologies for the error – this is now fixed in-house and will be updated in due course.

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