XML Export problems?

I’m using Dorico 4. It seems there are some problems exporting XML. Here is a test case.

The first image is Dorico and the second is how it opens in Sibelius after exporting from Dorico. (No text items, trill, or gliss and dynamics in Layer 2).

It’s the same opening in Finale so I suspect this is a Dorico problem. If I reverse the process everything imports into Dorico perfectly.

Are there settings that can be altered to fix this?

(Dorico file also attached)

Dorico XML test.dorico (495.4 KB)

MusicXML is, as yet, an imperfect format. Every program will import/export an incomplete set of the possible elements in the xml specification. There have been numerous discussions in this forum on the topic.


Yeah it seems like XML is still a work in progress. thanks.

Yes, at the moment, trills and ornaments and glissando lines are not included in the MusicXML exported by Dorico. We hope to be able to devote some more time to enriching the MusicXML export features of the program soon.