XML Export to Sibelius problems

Hello again, I’ve decided to export my score to Music XML to import into Sibelius so I can use the Note Performer instruments (this kills me to do this, since Dorico does so much right, i.e. the scores just look amazing, the auto dynamic placement, etc.; I just don’t have time to try to get the playback to sound good AND expression maps are greek to me.) When I import it into Sibelius, all of the tempo markings are gone, the title is gone, and half the dynamics are missing. However, when I first imported a Sibelius XML export of the piece into Dorico, it looked great and required minimal tweaking. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks again for all of your help!

MusicXML import and MusicXML export are completely separate functions, with completely separate implementations. I’m afraid Dorico’s MusicXML import is a lot more fully-developed at this point than its export, but we do of course plan to continue adding things to MusicXML export in coming updates. I don’t expect any significant changes in the forthcoming 1.0.20 update, however.

I’ve been trying to export MusicXML from Dorico to Sib 7.5 and all that opens in Sibelius is one empty bar. I tried both the music and regular xml. and they produced the same result. I need to do this for the same reason James IV mentioned on 12/6/2016, but I’m getting even less than he did. Am I doing something wrong?

This will happen if your rightmost flow (in setup) does not contain any music. For me, it’s always the rightmost flow that gets exported (regardless of the order in which they were created) but I remember the team claiming that it really should be the flow that was created last… dunno…