XML export - transposing instruments

I’m trying to export some XML files from Dorico into external software. When I import into either SmartMusic or Sibelius, I see the same behavior in the import. On a transposing instrument, the XML file has the transposed key signature, but the notes are displayed without transposition (which results in incorrect sounding pitch).

eg, a Bb clarinet part. The piece is in the key of F, so the clarinet should have a written key signature of G. The clarinet’s first note should be a written G/sounding F. What I see in the import is the written key of G (correct), but the first note is a written F/sounding Eb.

Is there a setting somewhere I need to look at?

Just to see, I also opened the same XML file in Finale, and it did the same thing. If I change my view in Dorico to concert pitch, then it exports everything in concert pitch. Now to upload to SmartMusic (which is the end goal), I must:
-export from Dorico in concert pitch
-open the XML file in another software, either Finale or Sibelius
-view in transposed pitch
-export a new XML file
-now upload that new XML file to SmartMusic

Oy vey.