XML file to Dorico - transposition skewed

Hello Dorico users
I’ve just imported a sib file into dorico via XML. It looks good. But the transpositions are skewed.
The horns are now labelled “Horns in F in Bb” !! On playback, they play the right notes. But in the score they are written an octave too high. And in the parts, they are written a ninth above the sounding note, rather than a fifth, as it should be.
And there are similar issues with the clarinets and trumpets.
Any ideas how to correct this without reinputting the notes?
Thanks for any help.

In Setup, try Change Instrument and re-loading the horns.

(Having followed Dan’s instructions, you may then need to transpose the notes on those staves by using the Write > Transpose…)

Thanks to Dan and Leo. That is working. I’ll fix the others the same way.