Xml files exported from Staffpad open in Dorico Elements in Read Only Mode

I have been able to get the files to open in Finale 27 in Read/Write, however, when I open the same file in Dorico Elements 4.2 the file opens in read only mode. If there is a way to change the permissions on the file, that would be great.

How many players are there in the file? Dorico Elements has a limit of 24. Any more than that and the file will be opened in read-only mode.

Thanks for the quick reply, I went back to another score that opened fine, and it had 24 staves, I recounted and the one I was opening was over that. You were spot on, that was the reason I couldn’t edit. Thank you!!

This is a wild guess, but you might be able to reduce the number of players in the original file by putting one player into another player as a second voice (and then deleting the no-longer-needed ‘migrated’ player). I don’t know, though, if Dorico will count that as two players or as one player with two voices.

PS Welcome to the Dorico forum.

I’m using StaffPad to do my draft, I’ll try combining my woodwinds and brass players to one line per instrument to see if it works. Thanks for the help. I’m loving Dorico, have been a Finale user since 1992 so I was pretty fluent with it but loving Dorico for composing and the engraving for the scores is really
Well done.

Thanks again

I tried what I suggested and it appears to work.
The only caveat is that I did it all within Dorico.
Dorico importing a file created in another application (eg Finale, Staffpad, Sibelius, etc.) might or might not behave the same way. The various music notation programs do have some differences in how much of musicxml they support, both when exporting and when importing.

Thanks so much for the help. Moving to the full version as soon as I get a bit more proficient with elements.
Thanks again.

Looks like moving from StaffPad with multiple parts on a line works for me.