XML files for Cubase 11/12

Hello, Does anyone have a working XML for Mac for the Yamaha Montage, Korg Kronos or Roland XP-80?

I’m trying to get those instruments to work with Cubase 12 LE AI Elements on a Mac. The txt files I have found in various places are not recognized when in the Inactive folders. Only an XML file seems to import now- I did it successfully with a Kurzweil PC3X Xml file I found online . Online txt to XML converters have proven ineffective. Even if you pull a .txt file out of the Cubase internal patch list folder to your desktop, the system won’t recognize that if you try to import it.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

Please find enclosed XML file for the Yamaha DX11 synthesizer. Import file using “Import Setup” in the MIDI Device Manager and you’re all set. Enjoy!

Yamaha DX11.xml (136.1 KB)

Apparently, there is an xml file for the Yamaha Montage floating around:

A patch script for the Montage is also available here:

Contact Tony Escueta for further details:

Hope this helps.

I would very much like to find an XML file for a Roland Integra 7 for Cubase 12.
Thanks ! (Or, clear instructions on how to create one)

Hello Scotty, From what I have heard, the Integra-7 is an excellent sound module which stands with the Roland JV-1080 in terms of delivering an excellent palette of sounds. Apparently, a software editor for this module that runs on the iPad platform is also available.


I hope you find this helpful.