XML files stay in Concert pitch

I exported from Finale to xml and then imported into Dorico. All the elements were there, but everything stayed in concert pitch, even when I specified the key. Therefore, when I printed (initially I didn’t look carefully), all transpositions were off and I can
rollinsgabriel_9243632_249138291_Once In Royal David’s City.dorico (3.3 MB)

t seem to figure out how to take my newly imported xml saved as Dorico to be printable…

All the part layouts are set to be transposing, but the instruments themselves aren’t transposing correctly.

If you change the instruments in Setup mode (to make sure they’re correctly identified as the instruments you want them to be), Dorico will then handle the transpositions correctly.

You’ll also get the correct accidental glyphs in the Clarinet/Trumpet staff labels, rather than simply the lowercase letter “b”.

If you don’t want Dorico to re-order your players when you do this, change the player sort setting to “None” at the bottom of the Players panel first before you change any instruments.

(PS If you don’t want to show the file name at the top of the parts, followed by the 1. Once in Royal… flow heading, you could go to the Project Info dialog, copy the information from the flow to the project, then hide flow headings.)

(If you want to see an overview of what information on pages comes from where, take a look at this page – just replace “master page” with “page template”, the terminology changed between 3.5 and 4, but the functionality stayed the same.)