xml files that worked in D2 don't playback in D3

(Apologies if this has been addressed. I searched the best I could and couldn’t find anything on this topic.)

My online students send xml files, most created with Sibelius. I upgraded to Dorico 3 last week. Since then, I’ve had several instances where an xml file will load beautifully, but not play back. Sometimes no instruments play. Sometimes one or two instruments play. Sometimes one or two instruments play for a while, then suddenly stop and don’t play again. Once, restarting the computer helped. Another time it didn’t. We lose valuable lesson time trying to figure this out. I can hack through their chamber pieces well enough so long as the textures are simple. But it doesn’t compare with the ability to let them hear a revision I suggest. Sure you all understand.


I LOVE Dorico, and am suggesting it to all my students who can afford it. Good job, guys! (Gender-inclusive, of course)

Thanks in advance,

What VST are you using. HALion? NotePerformer? Other?

Welcome to the forum, David. The first thing I’d suggest is making sure you have updated to Dorico 3.0.10, which resolves a number of issues with the audio engine and which will hopefully sort this out for you.

Thanks for your help. I downloaded and installed the update. It shows as installed when I open Dorico. Still no sound when opening an .xml file that used to play just fine in Dorico 2. I use the Halion player.

Can you go to Edit > Device Setup and re-select your current device and sample rate?

Odd. The option to click device setup is grayed out. Ideas?

Never mind. I needed to open a music file. Then it worked.

I re-selected the device and sample rate as you suggested. Now .xml files play when I open them in Dorico. Except for any vocal sounds, which neither play in xml files nor files created with Dorico.

If you don’t have the vocal sounds then that suggests that you haven’t downloaded or installed the new Olympus Micro sounds.

Yes, run Steinberg Download Assistant, choose Dorico in the product list on the left, then choose Dorico Pro 3 on the left-hand side, download Dorico Pro 3 Sounds Installer, and run the installer once it’s downloaded

Thank you all so much! Grateful for the quick and competent answers. Most everything seems to work now. I have a few files I made in Dorico 2 where the voice lines don’t play. I’ll do some test comparisons with files that work and let you know if I still need help.

If you have a project that for some reason doesn’t play as expected, the first step is to go to Play Mode and choose Play > Playback Template to reset back to the default loaded sounds.