xml from Band in a box problem

I’m fiddling in Dorico and Sibelius with an xml file from band in a box. It imports in both programs with an error about “ties - this element is not expected.”
It’s a 3/4 piece but in Dorico a 4th empty beat is added in each bar as if it was a 4/4 piece. This doesn’t happen in Sibelius.
I think Band in a box’ xml export isn’t quite mature yet - it’s a new feature. So until they get their thing together… - any thoughts ?
e.g. is it possible to delete every 4th beat in the score ?

If the import is ok in Sibelius, import it in Sibelius! Then, use the built-in xml export, or dolet plug-in to imoort in Dorico.
It’s only one additional step, but if you earn time, go for it!
FWIW, I don’t think you can delete every 4th bar in every bar. It does not sound “dorico way” anyhow…