XML from Sibelius freezes Dorico

The attached XML file is the first bar of an orchestral work which I have in Sibelius and have exported as xml
I have not been able to import this into Dorico which freezes and the only exit is to end the process in Task Manager (Windows 10).
I have pared the Sibelius score down to the first bar and the problem persists. Can anyone see the problem in the xml file?
Test.zip (5.63 KB)

Hi Mmayson!
Did you export the file with the Dolet plug-in ? If not, I suggest you try it, it gives really better results than Sibelius’ own implementation.

(And it’s now free of charge)

I’m not sure what’s going wrong in this file I’m afraid - I’ve just tried it in our current development build and it opens ok, so it could be an import problem that we’ve fixed. As Marc suggests try the Dolet export too.

I just tried it on my stock 1.2.10 build, and it imported fine. Not helpful, I know, but maybe something about your system? Have you ever been able to import xml? Could it be hanging when loading virtual instruments (I just have HALion installed).


Thanks for your prompt replies. I have tried exporting using Dolet 6.6 bur the problem remains,
If I remove the first bar and just leave instrument staves Dorico crashes and gives me a"Serious problem " message and a dump file which I have attached.
VSTAudioEngine1.2.10.313 64bit 2018.5.17 10.17.zip (95.7 KB)

jr88keys - I think you are right. I have imported XML in the past but this file hangs while loading virtual instruments. It seems to get stuck at slot 13. I presume the dump file I uploaded has some pertinent data but I can’t interpret it. I also have just have HALion installed. I have tried a reinstall of everything but no luck.

Further to the above my last attempt to open the file stopped after flute VSTs were loaded and produced the attached VST log - at rhe point of failure the log says
2018-05-18 16:35:57 : Server wants deactivation
2018-05-18 16:35:57 : => not applied or resumed (from activate)
VSTAudioEngine.zip (3.17 KB)

I have discovered that the problem has nothing to do with the xml file. If I try to open a new project using the Concert Orchestra template Dorico freezes while loading VST instruments. I have tried deleting VSTAudioEngine_64 as mentioned in other threads but no luck. Help!!

Can you please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and send the resulting zip file from your desktop along with a link to this thread to Ulf at u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de?

Thanks Daniel. I have already done that having read