XML import and beaming for tied notes

I recently purchased a full license for Dorico 5, and started to use XML export from Siblius 2019 Ultimate. I have many, many scores to migrate, and the work flow I have to use to make things look right in Dorico is quite tedious. I realize that I’ll have to spend to get the look I want, but either I’m missing something, or the workflow for doing it is cumbersome in Dorico, especially as compared to Sibelius.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the issue.

I need to change the beaming in the 2nd bar, so that the first 4 eighth notes are beamed togehter, and I realize that I can use Alt-B to do that. However, if there is a note that’s tied (leading or trailing) in the groups of notes, I want to beam, I must remove all ties, hit Alt-B, and then re-apply all ties. In this example, the ties for the A natural that’s tied into the beginning of the 2nd bar, and the Db on the and of 2 in the same bar, must both be removed. Otherwise, nothing happens when I press Alt-B

Is there possibly a more efficient way to do this?

@NedOtter , welcome to the forum.

I’m not entirely sure how you got the detached notes to begin with (unless you wanted them). Were they unconnected in Sibelius?

In Edit > Preferences there are a whole bunch of options available to those importing XML which allow or prevent Dorico from applying its defaults to the incoming XML. Admittedly Sibelius in not known for having the best XML output, but at least through the Dolet plug-in used in conjunction with Dorico’s XML input options you should be able to have the beaming join according to the time signatures set for your music.

When I started using Dorico, I found importing XML from Finale a great way to start learning the program at a time when there was not manual. I hope your transition to greater Dorico use is as speedy.

Normally, Dorico will do (almost) perfect beaming automatically, if there are no manual (or imported) overrides. What you can do: select the passage where the beaming is wrong (or simply select all the music), and choose ‘Reset Beaming’ from the right-click menu.

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@Derrek - thanks for your reply, much appreciated. In fact I just unchecked the “Beaming” box in Preferences/MusicXMl import, and now the beaming is correct. In Sibelius, the beaming is correct, and I did not do any beaming overrides in Sibelius. While the solution is not intuitive, it will save me tons of time.

Glad if it helps.

Using MusicXML to transfer between any two programs is not foolproof (for example, with Sibelius you may get different results depending on whether you use the Dolet plug-in or the native xml export).

Many of us recommend you uncheck every option in the Dorico import preferences, unless you have a specific reason not to do so. That is the intuitive solution.