XMl import and microtones (eight.tones) Dorico 4

It seems that Dorio 4 is able to even import eight-tones via music XML. I just tried it from bach.score (Max Libraray) and if I have just whole note chords I seem to work although I get a large failure report. With rhythm it only seem to work with quarter-tones (no failure report). Are eight-tones officially supported in MusicXML?

It very much depends on how the note pitches and accidentals are encoded in the MusicXML - MusicXML is a very flexible format and so the same information can be written in lots of different ways. In general Dorico can import quartertones (24-EDO) successfully.

Actually, I made it now all work with eight-tones (48 EDO). I just have to change the tonality system after the import. Then all accidentals are right. It’s almost a mystery…

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