XML import and single staff time signatures

Hi !

I’m working on Dorico for 2 years to engrave classical music scores and it works perfectly.

Since a few month, I also work as a copyist for film music and try to migrate from Sibelius to Dorico for that kind of job. But I have some troubles with XML import.

In fact, the composer I work for export XML files from Logic as well as a tempo track in MIDI format. Here is the issue, when I’m importing XML file into Dorico, it doesn’t create “global” time signature but “single-staff”/“local” time signature on each tracks (and the same thing with bar lines). So I would like to know if there is a way to convert one of those local time signature in global one that would overlap the other local time signature ?

I’ve already found some answers on the forum (here and here) but it’s not really efficient for large scores.

The solution that seemed to work is to delete every time signatures from the imported XML file, and then import the MIDI tempo track that seems to create global time signatures (but some local one remain).

In short : is there a way to convert single-staff objects into global objects ? :blush:

Thanks a lot for your answer !


I’m afraid there’s no way to convert single-staff time signatures into global ones, Clémentin. The workflow you’re currently using (Select All, Edit > Filter > Time Signatures, Delete, then import the tempo track via MIDI) is probably the quickest way for now. It might be worth checking with the Logic team whether there’s any way to influence how time signatures are encoded in MusicXML exports.