XML import and the future of old scores

Since all info in an XML import is not handled by Dorico yet, as far as I understand, I have two questions:

  1. What is your suggestion as to how to go about including that info in the Dorico score once it is handled?

  2. As it might be good to have an idea about when Dorico will be complete in that respect to estimate when to transfer old archives in as painless a way as possible, when might that be?


I don’t think we can realistically predict Dorico’s future development to the point where it will be possible to say with certainty that everything you can represent in whatever other scoring program you are already using will be possible to represent in Dorico, and not only possible to import via MusicXML into Dorico (i.e. supported by Dorico’s MusicXML import) but also possible to export via MusicXML from your other software (i.e. supported by that application’s MusicXML export).

As a former Claris Works user I am afraid of suddenly realizing that old files can’t be opened after some years of various upgrades of computers and programmes, that’s why I am asking. So I’m after advice as to how to handle the old stuff.
So, I rephrase.
1: Do you think it will be difficult to include info from an XML into a score that was transferred today when Dorico has developed more in a couple of years, or will it mean doing it all over again?
2: Does anybody has any advice as to how to handle the transfers in the near future?

There’s no particular reason why adding more notations to your existing projects as Dorico gains more features and matures should be any harder with a project started from an imported MusicXML file versus a project started from scratch in Dorico.

I would recommend, as a matter of course, that you keep your existing projects in as many formats as possible, e.g. the application’s native format, in MusicXML, and in PDF format.