XML import – changing instruments adds new slots/patches

If I import an XML file Dorico 2 will somehow guess which instruments are used but not always get it right. If I change a player’s instrument in Setup mode it will not change the patch in the slot to which this instrument was assigned in Play mode but add a new one. Is this a bug or a feature? And if yes, can this be changed?

Provided you haven’t made any changes to the sound assignments yourself in Play mode, Dorico will load new sounds automatically, but if you’ve made any changes yourself, Dorico won’t make any further changes automatically (this is different in Dorico 3).

Once you have assigned the instruments you want to the Players you want (in Setup), try going into the Play menu and changing the Playback Template to Silence and then, after applying it and reopening it, changing it back to the HALion Template (and applying and closing)? That may help reassign your sounds.

I suggest you do this on a copy of your file for safety’s sake.
(Hope this works in Dorico 2 as it should in Dorico 3.)

Oh, I just realized that this isn’t just pertaining to XML imports, this is also happening with new files. Any time I change a player’s instrument, a new slot is used. I’d expect it to change the currently assigned slot to the new instrument. This can get really messy and bloated if you change instruments frequently (which might be a thing if you change ensemble sizes/configurations while working on a project).
Is this only pertaining to Dorico 2 or also to version 3?

Once you’ve finished changing your instruments, do Play > Playback Template and re-apply the chosen playback template, which will set everything straight.