XML import creates "independent" time signatures

See attached screenshot—somehow the piano part has gotten independent time signatures from a Sibelius xml import. I cannot find much about this topic, and solving this—other than re-inputting all notes—has become a show stopper. Where do I find info on how to revoke any staff from having independent time signatures?

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What happens if you select the independent time signature and press delete?

Thank you for your quick reply! When I delete the independent time signature it simply disappears. If I create a new time signature for all, it omits the independent staves. Two other curious things: The imported time signatures look normal, but when you open the pop-up it shows irrational values (like 4/4.2, see pic), and I cannot replace them. Also, any of the divisi staves created seem to have become independent (see pic). So the solution would seem to force the independent staves to become part of the group again. Any insight on how to do that is appreciated!

you might set up the divisi for the strings again and copy the notes. Then delete the empty staffs.

This looks more like an error in the parsing of tuplets when Sib created the xml. It may be easiest to delete that bar before exporting the xml and manually re-enter it in Dorico. (remember to work on a copy of the original!)

Actually, that is what I did. The newly created Divisi staves seem to be independent. How do I solve that? Thank you!!

That was what I thought as well. However, the trickiest tuplets appear earlier in the movement, and they translated fine, and the sixtuplets preceding the bar where the score goes off the rails fall squarely on the beats. So my questions remain, 1) how to force a time signature on all staves (or, alternatively/if possible, revoke staff independence), and 2) how to correct "4/4,2 " time signatures in Dorico. Many thanks for any insight.

In theory you should be able to delete time signatures around this passage completely and reenter the correct ones. Note value shouldn’t change, right?

It‘s hard to tell just from a picture which of those staffs are from the import, which are new and which are divisi.

Thank you so much for your advice. It appears that the issue lies with the way Sibelius exported the section in question. It was based on an xml that was from Finale files from the early 90s, and I already had to rewrite this passage.

However, the divisi staves are made in Dorico, and there I’m surprised that these also display unintended independence. So my question remains, is there an independent staff feature, and where do I find additional information about turning this on and more importantly, off?

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There’s no single on/off switch for the independence of time and key signatures. If you don’t want them to be independent, make sure you don’t create them such that they will be independent. To stop existing time and key signatures from being independent, you need to delete them and recreate them with global ones.