XML Import creates multiple staffs

I imported an XML file of a woodwind trio that was create by SIbelius. The problem is that after the import the Oboe & Clarinet have a grand staff with two treble clefs:

Not a big deal (I figured). I’ll just create another Oboe player, copy the notes into my new player and delete the grand staff. But when I add a second oboe player it gets linked to the Bassoon:

I’ve spent the last 45 minutes searching the forum and mucking around with the players and layouts- all to no avail. Any ideas?

So, Dorico is linking those because they’re both woodwinds, and that is technically proper behavior for such instruments (well, for any family of instruments, that is). The odd thing is actually that it’s not linking your grand staff instruments in there too in one big bracket.

In any case, if you really do want to end up with a separate oboe and bassoon (and clarinet too, presumably), simply right click on the player in setup mode, then “add player to group.” From there click “New Player Group.” After you’ve done that, the player will now be in “Group 1,” and every new group you add will have its own bracket (or none if there’s only one player in it).


If you want each instrument type to be bracketed alone, you can change the bracketing approach on the Brackets and Braces page of Engraving Options: the wind band approach will bracket e.g. flutes with flutes, oboes with oboes, and so on; the “no brackets” approach will show no brackets at all. For a woodwind chamber ensemble, it’s conventional to have all of the instruments joined by a single bracket, which you can achieve with the “small ensemble” approach.

I’m not sure what’s causing your woodwind instruments to be imported as grand staff instruments, however: if you would like to zip up and attach the MusicXML file I would be happy to take a look.

snakeeyes021 - I personally find using a grand staff overkill for a woodwind trio, but I reviewed some other scores and that does seem to be the standard - so I likely will go with that - thanks for pointing that out. However I still had the problem that the Oboe & Clarinet were on their own separate Grand Staffs, I tried putting Clarinet into Group 1 - nothing changed on my score. Maybe I missed something.

Daniel: The Brackets & Braces Engraving option is very cool. Other than that, I simply created new players, copied over the notes, and deleted the original Grand Staff parts. I will e-mail you the XML file separately. - you can take a look and maybe figure out why they were imported as Grand Staff instruments.

For the benefit of anyone else who hits this issue, after reviewing the issue with Daniel my best guess is that the separate grand staffs on the Oboe & Clarinet are an artifact of the Sibelius score having Ossia staffs. There may be some way to avoid this when exporting from Sibelius but I don’t have the time to investigate further.