XML import fails

Hi everybody!

I have to import a xml file to work with. The result looks like this:

Does anybody has a hint to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance!

That’s a problem caused by a missing font. The first thing to try is going to Engrave > Music Fonts and telling Dorico to use Bravura, to see if that sorts it out. If you start a new project and it looks the same way, then that suggests you have a wider font problem to sort out.

Ok, thanks! Yes, its a font problem. Its solved. Thx!

But another thing: the imported file shows the piano part like this for about 50 pages although the original file shows the part correctly (on beat, quarter or half notes aso …)
Is there a possibility to get this done automatically without typing in the whole piano part again? The Dorico grid stops at 64th, this is a 2048th problem so dragging (alt-arrow) doesn´t work

It looks as though a quantizing pass would solve this issue…

Thanks Marc!
I got the things working. No, it wasn’t a quantizing problem, the original file was ok in terms of quantizing. It simply was a crappy file due to export problems caused by Sibelius.