XML import fills in the root of bassline changes

When I import a lead sheet from Finale-XML, I find Dorico consistently “fills in” the bass changes with the tonic of whatever key I’m in. So in the key of D, what should be

A. . . . /G

gets imported as

A. . . . D/G.

I assume this is related to the fact that bass changes require an explicit root when they’re entered in Dorico. Has anyone else experienced this? It happens all the time, and it takes forever to fix them in an imported file.

Anyone know if there’s something I can do in Finale to prevent this from happening?

If you’re using “/G” as shorthand for “A/G”–I’d advise not to. In my opinion, chord symbols should be written out in their entirety. That should solve your problem(?)

That’s all very well, Bruce, but the shorthand is well-established. So well-established, in fact, that Dorico displays “A A/G” as A /G" by default.

I expect, Dan, that if you were to edit the chord symbols in Finale to make sure that they’re fully qualified, i.e. that they do have the appropriate root note set and/or shown, then they’d be imported correctly, and following the default engraving options they would also end up showing as you want them to without needing any further adjustment. My theory is that chord symbols that look like “/G” in Finale are semantically being expressed as e.g. “D/G” and so that’s what ends up in the MusicXML file.

Thanks Daniel. It does fix it, and I had a feeling that would be the only real solution, but it’s just as much work as fixing them in Dorico, so… no worries.