Xml import - fixed number of bars + short cut for Layout options prob

Small but slightly irritating 1: Probably because I had many scores with four bars per stave in Sibelius a long time ago I now find that every old thing I import gets that which I rarely need. It doesn’t seem possible to change that in importing preferences, please tell me I’m wrong about that.

Small but slightly irritating 2: When I use the shortcut to get to Layout options a window with search options for Last Pass will open, strangely not always but most of the time. Is there a good cure and/or explanation for that?

Edit>Preferences>MusicXML Import.Uncheck every option and Dorico will ignore everything in the original layout and use whatever you set as its own defaults including bars per system.

Thanks that helped once I saved it in my defaults. I lost the chords when I had unchecked everything, but I could keep text input and it still works. Then, once I changed bars per system in my own settings the import worked even with the factory settings. So it was all my own fault.

How are you accessing Layout Options? With Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-L, or using the jump bar (key command J)?

There was previously an issue where the jump bar could perform the wrong command, but this was fixed in the Dorico 4.3.30 update. If you haven’t yet updated to 4.3.30, I would recommend doing so!

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is what I use and I am updated so its a bit puzzling. Never did it w J, I’ll try that.