XML import from CUBASE 11 no track names

When I export a Cubase project in XML format, the names of individual tracks are not displayed in DORICO. All tracks are named Flute1,2,3 etc. What am I doing wrong? Thank you.

Do you mean that all your flutes are on one stave, all your oboes are on another stave, all your clarinets are on another stave?

If so, are each of your flutes (etc.) on separate tracks in Cubase? Are they all routed to different channels?

No, I imported bigband arrangements from CUBASE and all instruments are in separate channels. When I first open a bigband template project and then import XML, all the tracks are named “flute1, flute2” etc. When I import XML first, the instrument names do not appear, but the tracks are only numbered.

Could it be that you’ve saved Layout Options as default that have staff labels turned off?

If you import MusicXML, open Layout Options > Staves and Systems, are staff labels set to show None, Abbreviated or Full?

Staff labels - full, on subsequents system- abbreviate. There may be an error exporting from Cubase. But I think everything is fine there. In Cubase I open the Score Editor and click on the Export Music XML.

I tried exporting XML from Dorico and then importing it again. Everything is fine here, the names of the instruments will appear. So there will probably be an error in exporting from Cubase. I will enter a question in the Cubase section.

Dorico makes a ‘best guess’ to interpret instruments in the xml file. If it cannot decide, it defaults to Flute. If there are many ‘unidentifiable’ instruments in the xml, you will get many flutes in Dorico.

The problem is with the instrument names that Cubase puts in the xml file.
Open the xml in a text editor and look for the part-list section. Do sensible instrument names appear there? (or you could try importing the xml to museScore (free) and re-exporting - I’ve had some success with that in the past)

Thank You, I try it.