XML Import Issue (small rest added)

Hey everyone! I’ve recently decided to updated a recent piece of mine from Sibelius to Dorico. I wanted to avoid this but I’ve got to do a bit of revision anyways after the premiere so I figured now was the time. However, when I get the XML into Dorico strange rests begin appearing after bar 58. I’ve tried using insert mode to delete the rogue rest but it causes more issues later in the project and things seem to get messier. Please tell me there is hope!

There is hope.
There might be some kind of problem (quite hidden) in the original piece at that point. When I get these, it’s often a tuplet… Rewriting it properly in Sib does the trick usually. Also, try and use the Dolet plug-in to export the xml files, I find that Dorico reads them way better than the native export in Sib.
Hope it helps!

That definitely looks to me like the kind of problem caused by a malformed tuplet in the MusicXML file. Can you zip it up and attach it here, or send it to me by email?

The plugin (Dolet) fixed all of the instances. There was one other small spot that didn’t import well but I can manually fix it. Thank you so much!

That sort of problem popped up in various ways in Sibelius. I’m pretty sure the basic cause was back in the days of “Sibelius 0.x” somebody decided to use 256 ticks per quarter note as the internal unit for measuring rhythm, and then started to fudge the fact that 256 is a bad number for tuplets because it only divides evenly by two. For example a triplet of 8th notes actually has unequal length notes with 85, 86, and 85 ticks to add up to 256. When the fudging goes wrong, and you end up with a “1024th note” too much or too little music in a bar, and the crazy small rests.