XML import - need to fix meter

Hello, new to Dorico, importing XMLs from Sibelius. Mostly straight forward fixing minor issues and enjoying using and getting to know Dorico along the way. This issue I couldn’t solve on my own. Tried several solutions from my search but no luck. I need to change a 3/4 in bar 17 to 4/4 until the end of the piece which is easy enough but how do I get rid of the red “warning” boxes? Just changing the meter didn’t help. Thanks so much.

You should be able to select and delete the red “Signposts,” which IIRC will allow the 4/4 to apply officially to all the remaining measures. If something prevents you from deleting the signposts, try deleting one of the bar lines to see if that works better., since bar lines and time signatures are related/connected.

Because of the measure rest, you should keep an eye on measure 19 to make sure nothing shifts (or just add four quarter notes to it before you start and then deleting them later.

I strongly suggest you try this on a copy of your file for safety’s sake.
Also check the XML import preferences to see if future imports can avoid putting signposts on every measure.

Thanks Derrek, that works well. I didn’t realize that I could just delete the “Signposts” after changing the meter. I suppose I assumed that if I correctly changed the meter they would resolve and disappear. Now that I know they are called “Signposts” I can search for that in the future. Sorry for taking up forum space for such a simple matter. Thanks again.

I’ve had issues selecting multiple meter signposts and hitting delete. Only a few get deleted, not all of them.

Normally signposts for time signatures do not appear on every measure, but some XML imports cause this to happen due to the original program’s approach to XML encoding.

When you have a meter signpost that won’t delete, try selecting and deleting the barline.

Thanks to all for the help. It’s getting sorted out. But thanks to this issue I’m learning my way around Dorico. Kind of fun. Thanks

I should have been more specific. I can delete any meter signpost, one at a time, but when selecting multiple signposts I’m unable to delete all (at the same time). This happened to me a couple of days ago when importing an xml file.

I may be wrong, by guess would be that Dorico does in fact delete them all, but has to recreate a few new ones.

I had not thought about the deleted ones being re-created. Thanks. I haven’t had a chance to try it but I wonder if having insert turned on would make a difference?

Although they are red the signposts are not warnings or errors. They simply provide useful information that is otherwise hidden. You will find that some signposts are different colours, e.g for system breaks and so on.

As somebody myself who writes software, I have found that you have to try to avoid using red for some things as it is amazing how often people think red means warning. This is cultural too - red in Western countries means danger, but red in Chinese culture means great good fortune. :slight_smile: