XML import: notes over half-bar

Even though I have XML prefs set to “Force Duration” on all notes: my notes still get split at the half bar.

Even though all my Note Grouping settings are set to NOT split notes at the half bar, newly entered notes also get split at the half-bar.

Is there an easier way, beyond re-entering every note that spans the half-bar with Force Duration on? Are there any other settings?
Screen Shot.png

Are you importing into a new or existing Dorico project, or opening the XML file directly from the hub?

If the XML prefs are in effect when the file is imported, the durations are retained here… adding notes later is a different matter… I had to set the TS to 1/2 and hide it, to avoid half bar spilt…

Good point! If I import the XML directly into Dorico, I get the original note values. If I load the XML into an existing project, then I get the adjusted version. So, I have to choose between spending my time redesigning my Masters and Font Styles, or adjusting the half-bar notes!

But it seems there is no setting to make Dorico “leave my notes alone”, without leaving Force Duration on.

C’mon, I spend enough of my time thinking outside the box. Your turn. It took me about 10 seconds to think up two different ways of doing this :wink:

Not sure I follow. You’ve thought up 2 different ways of doing what?

FWIW, before I posted anything I typed your screenshot into Sibelius, exported to MusicXML and experimented with different ways of importing into Dorico.

If I start with an empty project then import, I think the MusicXML takes on the default Notation settings.

If I start with an empty project then change the Notation Options for (empty) Flow 1, I think the MusicXML imports with the Notation Options from Flow 1, but (as it automagically creates a new flow) it then resets its own Notation Options to the defaults. Because the notes all have Forced Durations, no amount of changing the Notation Options will make any difference whatsoever, after the fact.

If I just open the MusicXML file from the hub, it gives me what I want, first time.

I’ll leave you to figure out which of these works better:

  1. Select All. Copy. Open existing Project. Create New Flow. Paste.
  2. Same as 1 but using the System Track.
  3. Export Flow. Import Flow into existing Project.

It looks like I’ll have to load the XML twice: once into my default template, and once just as a straight 'Open"; and then copy the music from one to other. Not terribly efficient, and possibly error prone, but better than the alternatives.