XML import of dotted chords

Hi, I noticed a strange behaviour of Dorico when importing chords of dotted notes from Capella 7 (German notation software). The result is not easy to repair in Dorico because the measure structure will be broken. This is a minimal example:
And here is the result:

The measure signpost says “4/4,3.5”. The result does not depend on XML import settings.

Current workaround is to import into Sibelius or MuseScore (both results are fine), export XML and import to Dorico. But depending on the score, this may result in other conversion problems.

Example XML is attached.
DOTTED.zip (1.24 KB)

Thanks for reporting this. The problem is that Capella is exporting this in a non-standard way: the first note in the chord correctly supplies the

<dot />

element, but the second note in the dyad is specified without the

<dot />

element but with the duration specified as if it were dotted. I wonder if more recent versions of Capella handle this situation better? In the meantime we’ll see if we can handle this more elegantly.

Hi Daniel, thanks for looking into the issue. I don’t have access to the current Capella version (8), so I can’t check it now.

I succeeded in modifying the python script that Capella 7 uses for xml export. The problem was that the number of dots has been counted down while writing the attribute, so no dots were left over for the next note of the cord. Now the number of dots is left unchanged until the chord has been exported completely and a temporary variable is used for counting down.

Nice work!

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