XML import of metadata, export of analysis?


I’m fairly new to Wavelab 9 but am starting to explore it’s more complex features. Some things I can’t quite work out:

On mass, using the batch processor, can I:

  1. import metadata into files from XML? e.g.coding history, originator reference etc.

  2. export to XML the results of the global analysis?

I have a couple of thousands wav files I want to do both of these two, hence manual processes are out.


Yes to both your questions.

  1. This is an advanced use, but check the dialog “XML Audio Description” and the related manual.

  2. Not from the Global Analysis dialog, which works on single files, but from the Audio Analysis plugin, that you can find on the batch processor.
    For “very advanced” usage, there is also the “XML” tab option, in the batch window.