Xml import problem

Often when importing a Photoscore xml I expect to have to edit ties on chords. Usually it’s just a simple matter of selecting a note and snipping the hanging tie. This one has stumped me. Whatever I try the upper hanging tie persists! The lower tie behaves as expected.

Any ideas?

That looks like a Laissez vibrer tie. Select the note and then toggle the LV tie off in the Notes and Rests section of the Properties panel.


Thank you . That works. Though it still leaves me wondering why it happened in the first place.

I have no idea why it happens, although I’m pretty sure I only see the problem in Xml imports that I scanned in PhotoScore.

I have occasionally experienced the same behaviour when importing into Dorico an xml file which had been exported from Sibelius. It may have occurred in other contexts as well, but it often occurs when the notes and ties involved were part of a cue in the original Sibelius document. It appears that the Sibelius xml export procedure is not correctly identifying and labelling the ties in cues. I checked a (Sibelius-exported) xml file in a text editor and discovered the following -

  1. When a tie is in normal notation, the xml attributes related to it are:

tie type=“start”
tied type=“start” orientation=“over”
tie type=“stop”
tied type=“stop” orientation=“over”

The first two are where the first note occurs, and the last two are where the second note occurs. The “over” information is “under” if the tie curves downwards.
These attributes are surrounded by other attributes which determine such things as note value, dots, stem direction, articulations, accidentals, colour, etc.

  1. When a tie is in cue notation, the xml attributes related to it are only:

tied type=“start” orientation=“over”
tied type=“stop” orientation=“over”

In this case of this file at least, it certainly appears that Sibelius is not correctly handling the xml attributes of a tie when it is part of a cue. Interestingly, as well as making the normal ties into laisser vibrez ties, the cue sections import into Dorico with normal-sized notes. I don’t know if that is caused by something contained in (or missing from) the original xml file from Sibelius, or in how Dorico interprets it.