xml import problems

xml Input (from Sibelus xml export) imported in one of three scores (all of them identical instruments, made from the same template) the cello completely as “voice 2” - (visible after swithing on the voice color)
In the sibelius file the cello is clarly voice 1…
was driving my crazy because when I copied cello to contrabass, dorico inserted funny additional rest,
and it was right, because I was copying voice 2 notes …
in the rest of the scores, this did not happen…

In another file, the cello (named cello etc) was imported in two staves, like it was a piano, one of its staves empty.

Thanks for the report. If you want to attach the specific MusicXML files here (please zip them up) we can take a look to see if we can determine what has caused these behaviours; the problems will be specific to the individual MusicXML files in question, so we can’t investigate without them.

Example lied3-export.xml

Exported from sibelus 8.5 (uncompressed xml),
Imported to dorico 1.0.10:
Click on first note violin 1 in bar 5,
use “->” to move the selection.
The selection of slurs is somehow arbitrary,
sometimes the selection goes to a slur, sometimes not.
In bar 8 the selection goes to the rehearsal mark A
an then drops to the rest in the first line (stimme),
so it leaves the stave I had been working in.
Later it goes back to the violin 1.
If you go on, you will see that it skips noteheads …
they get selected only when moving backward with the “<-” key.
lied3-export.zip (7.63 KB)

Hi !

This is a known problem which is to be improved soon.
Have you read this thread?
Let’s be patient :slight_smile:

in a cello sonata, the piano is exported from Sib 7.1.3. xml (compressed and uncompressed) into four parts – ie 2x2. A string quartet exported OK

Initial tests show a reasonably decent import from Sibelius – one thing I noticed a couple of times is if a double sharp is repeated in the bar, and thus not showing the accidental the second time, it sometimes plays back as a single sharp though is notated correctly. This could be a Sibelius issue but might be worth probing in case anyone else has seen something like this.

Try selecting those notes and using Edit > Reset Appearance, which should reveal what’s actually going on with the accidentals.