XML-Import Question

strange things happen, when I import the attached XML-File into Dorico:
IMSLP51207-PMLP01572-.zip (7.36 KB)
Open the file, add a meter (cut c) and than try to add some bars somewhere (shift + B “+5” e.g.).
For me this doesn’t work.
The file was exported from Photoscore.
After copying the music to a new file, I could add some bars.
Any thoughts?

I tried what you described and get the same result.
BUT what I notice is that if I click in the bar that has just received its metering, adding bars works as expected. It looks as though each barline added by photoscore has a kind of “explicit measuring” that would be “unmeasured”…
I work with photoscore too, and one of the first things I do is create a meter in photoscore when it does not recognize it. Then I do not have that kind of problem. Hope it helps !

Because the music doesn’t have any time signature of its own, all of those bars are irregular bars in an open time signature. As Marc says, if you create a time signature in PhotoScore before you export MusicXML, that should make life a bit easier.

Thanks for your replies, but shouldn’t adding a time signature in Dorico sort things out as well?

I came across this, because I overlooked, that Photoscore did not read the time signature.

Not as things stand – when you have no explicit time signatures but barlines at intervals through the music, adding a time signature will only apply up to the next explicit barline. You would have to delete all of the explicit barlines and then apply the time signature at the start. It would be quicker and easier simply to fix the MusicXML file and then reimport it.

Oh it does – if you delete all the phantom time signatures first. Select all, filter times signatures, delete… the operation takes a while, at first I thought Dorico crashed. Then you can add your new time signature at the beginning of the flow.

Is there a reason for all these invisible time signatures not showing a signpost?

Edit: Our posts crossed, Daniel… so that’s why there are no signposts? Because they’re not actually time signatures but barlines? Still they can be selected by filtering time signatures.

Ah, now I see. I haven’t paid attention to the barlines. Signpost would have be helpful, I suppose.