Xml import - which texts are interpreted?

Hello list,

is there a list available to know which texts are correctly converted to playing techniques or dynamics? E.g. pizz./arco seem to work, but cresc./dim./div. don’t.

As I imagine it’s not possible to add a complete list of all possible and imaginary terms, I would suggest: if a text matches 100% a user-defined playing technique, it should be converted to it.



The playing techniques popover is one of the ones that requires specific strings. You’ll see valid entries coming up based on what you enter as a menu beneath the popover as you type. You can refer to the popover reference document, or the relevant page in the manual.

Or, just start typing in the popover! You can also check the popover string for playing techniques in the Engrave>Playing Techniques dialog, where you can also change the popover string for existing playing techniques.

For dynamics, see also here.

There isn’t a canonical list of which items Dorico encounters from the words element in MusicXML and what it will end up as in Dorico itself. It goes through a couple of stages of parsing, trying to figure out whether it’s a tempo, a rehearsal mark, or a playing technique, before ultimately bringing it in as a generic text item (provided the option on the MusicXML Import page of Preferences is set accordingly). My recollection is that it won’t try to interpret words items as dynamics at all, though I might be wrong.

Yes, as I thought. Is it possible to convert “normal text” into a playing technique, once the data is in dorico? (maybe I asked this already and I forgot)

No, I’m afraid you will have to manually create playing techniques in the required places.