xml input causes immediate Dorico quit

I’ve imported a couple of xml pieces into a Dorico file from Finale. I’m trying to import another but Dorico quits on import. I’ve exported as midi too and Dorico again quits on import.

Any ideas what might cause this?

Update: I can’t import anything else into this Dorico file…?

steve, are you exporting from Sibelius or are you exporting from Finale?

From Finale.

Steve, we’ll need to see the MusicXML file(s) in question. Can you attach them here? If not, please email them to me.

Steve, Daniel is of course right.
I personally would

  1. update Finale, if possible (or at least the Dolet xml part of it)
  2. try to open the xml file with another software, like MuseScore or Sibelius
  3. if those don’t crash, resave and export to xml from there & give it another try in Dorico

Thanks for help.

Here is one file:
Mine Eyes Have Seen 2017 (Euph.).xml.zip (48.8 KB)

Is the double period in the title causing trouble? What if you gave the xml file a simple title to import?

On the other hand, it imported for me as is, but there is a strange tring of characters across the top of all pages.

Derrek, I consistently get the exact same string of characters across the top when I import XML from Finale.

Easily fixed, but strange. One more little thing in a list of oddities regarding XML. When I have to use XML, I cringe and hope for the best.

Derek, could you try this one?
Jerusalemxml.xml.zip (11.5 KB)
Thank you all for the assistance!

Both of those MusicXML files open just fine for me in both Dorico 2.0 and the current development build. Steve, are you getting any crash dumps when the program bombs out trying to load them? Can you zip them up and attach them here?

Hi Daniel, crash report. Thank you.
Dorico Crash Report.zip (25.6 KB)

Steve, yes they open fine, also here, this is your Jerusalem.dorico file:
Jerusalem.dorico.zip (841 KB)

And this is your Mine Eyes Have Seen 2017 (Euph.).dorico file:

(Euphonium and Tuba show up with g-clef, otherwise it looks fine)
Mine Eyes Have Seen 2017 (Euph.).dorico.zip (1.55 MB)
Both your .xml files did import without hiccups :slight_smile:

Thank you k_b.

If the cml is fine I wonder if my Dorico file is subtly corrupt?

Hmmm… Dorico is also quitting on importing the flow from k_b’s files…

the crash report will probably shed light on this…

This one comes out fine for me. (Page 2 is all rests, but i assume you have the organ and chorus playing there.)

Steve, the crash is occurring when Dorico is attempting to draw one of the panels in Setup mode (I think the Players panel). You’re presumably importing these MusicXML files into a project that already has players included. I think this must be significant. Can you please attach the project you’re attempting to import the MusicXML files into?

Hi Daniel, I emailed the project. I have a further problem in that selecting trumpet 4 in setup to assign it to the Civic Score doesn’t result in it appearing in the score.

I must have done something odd…