XML not exporting neither compressed nor uncompressed

Good afternoon, for some reason on a specific score (initial .XML imported from Newzik). I cannot export either un/compressed XML file. I either get script or a blank or even worse nothing at all in the Flows from … folder. there is no error message at all. /using macbookpro/Dorico 5 Pro (ps I am unable to load an XML file here to illustrate.

. Many thanks for any help here.

If you zip the file (Compress it), you should be able to upload it.

Can you confirm: you’ve imported XML from Newzik, into Dorico; and that’s fine, but then exporting XML from Dorico produces … something wrong.

Is the file you’ve shown an image of, the XML exported from Dorico? What’s wrong with it?

I confirm that I imported an XML from Newzik into Dorico which was fine. I worked on this and then found it impossible to export. and Yes the image is the screenshot of the attempted ‘XML’ export into my Flows from.

I Am Song_AL_jd_24.05.2024_vsSATB - Full score - 01 I AM SONG.musicxml.zip (17.9 KB)

If I open the XML from Dorico into (in this case Musescore) I get this message:

I Am Song_AL_jd_24.05.2024_vsSATB.dorico.zip (1.7 MB)
sorry did you mean a zip of the Dorico file ??

Dorico exports MusicXML 4.0.
As far as I can tell, MuseScore 3 doesn’t support MusicXML 4.0, but if you click the “Yes” button it’ll still open the file.

MuseScore 4 (at least here) opens your MusicXML files without any error messages.

many apologies - I did use Musescore 4 - and the XML - see screenshot above - of course won’t open because it’s not coded like an XML. I was trying to see if I could find any way around my problem.

I’ve had to step away from my computer, I’m afraid.

If I remember correctly, I opened your Dorico file and stripped out all of the repeat markers (DS/Coda/2nd time to coda etc.) - there a bunch that contradict each other in their semantic positioning. This was probably wrong at the point Newzik was used to scan the original PDF.

I then found that Dorico would reliably export MusicXML. With the resulting file, MuseScore 3 still gave an error message, but would load the file, and MuseScore 4 would load it without an error. I then discovered that in fact MuseScore 4 would happily open the MusicXML file you posted further up the thread.

Sorry again - yes it does indeed - I lose a lot of the ‘refinements’ but at least I can send it. Many thanks for your help.

thank you for this - this is truly helpful - even if putting all the :(DS/Coda/2nd time to coda etc.) : back in is time consuming. This was exactly the issue of sending in the first place - but gratefully I now better understand and really appreciate the speed at which you have answered.